What's going on?


5/18/21 - Mekong Delta Blues, book two in the Trip Callaway mystery series, is now available as an audio book on Audible, iTunes, and Amazon.


2/12/21 - My novel The Mozart Conspiracy is now available as an audio book! Find it at Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. It's being read by the brilliant actor, Rick Hall, and his performance is nothing short of amazing. I'm one happy author. 


1/1/21 - Adios 2020! Happy New Year, everyone. Been creatively beavering away the past few months during quarantine. Lot's of new stuff coming soon! Stay tuned. 


6/25/20 - There's now brand new cover art for all the Trip Callaway books. Also, the series is now subtitled A Trip Callaway gig. Check them out. I think they look very 60s retro and pulp-ee. Personally (not that you care), I love them!


6/23/20 - Just heard the filmed version of my musical In a Booth at Chasen's is slated to hit 1800 movie screens across the country this coming October. Very exciting! It was originally scheduled for release this past March but...well, we all know what happened there. 


6/22/20 - Congrats to all the grads at LACM and everywhere. You all will tell your story of this time for the rest of your lives.


4/6/20 - How has the Stay at Home order affected me? I sit alone in a room all day, talk to myself, laugh, cry, get angry, then I write it all down...so yeah, not much has changed in my life at all. Stay safe, folks. 


3/25/20 - Stay safe and healthy everyone. STAY HOME!


3/6/20 - Thank you, everyone, for the overwhelming response to my new novel, Tinsel Town Tango. Your support and kind words mean the world to me. 


3/3/20 - My new novel Tinsel Town Tango has been released and is now available. 


1/1/20 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!


12/25/19 - Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


12/14/19 - Finals week coming up at LACM. Thanks to all my talented songwriters for making it such a wonderful quarter — and a fantastic 2019! Have a great holiday, you guys. Happy New Year! Stay safe. 


11/26/19 - My new book Tinsel Town Tango , the third book in The Sideman Mysteries series, is now available for Pre-order on Amazon. 

11/24/19 - Thank you cast and crew of Neil Simon's Musical Fools. You deserved every rave review you received! 


11/5/19 - Thank you to the folks at the Getty Museum for the great afternoon. Everyone look for a pic and article by yours truly in their upcoming magazine. I am truly honored to have been asked to contribute. 

10/25/19 - Just received from my publisher the new cover art for the next Sideman Mysteries novel. I LOVE IT! The book's called Tinsel Town Tango and is scheduled to be released March 3rd, 2020. The Trip Callaway adventure continues, and I can't wait for everybody to read it. It's my fifth novel, and yes, of course, this one's my favorite...so far. 


10/12/19 - WOW! Neil Simon's Musical Fools. WELL DONE, CAST! Couldn't be happier or prouder. Folks, I know it's my show, and this might sound more than a little self-serving, but this is a funny damn show. I promise you will laugh from start to finish. It's just seriously silly. Just what the world needs right now, if you ask me. Go to the Open Fist Theatre website for ticket information. 


10/12/19 - Opening night of Neil Simon's Musical Fools at the Open Fist theatre is tonight. This is the show I co-wrote with Ron West and the late, great Neil Simon. Can't wait to see it.

10/7/19 - Back in LA just in time for the start of the fall quarter at LACM. Let's go songwriters. 


10/2/19 - Producing Kelly Macleod's new project in Nashville. Oh my oh my, this is a special one. 


9/25/19 - In a Booth at Chasen's, the stage musical I co-wrote with Al Kasha and Samantha Bennett, premiers at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC tonight. Wish I could be there but duty calls in Nashville. 


9/22/19 - In Nashville with the talented Kelly Macleod. We gonna make a record, folks. Giddy-up!


9/20/19 - Summer quarter ends at LACM. Well done, songwriters! Thanks for a great quarter.  I adore you all.


7/20/19 - Happy 50th anniversary Apollo 11! 


6/1/19 - The musical Neil Simon's Musical Fools, a funny little show I co-authored with Mr. Ron West and Mr. Neil Simon, will be produced this fall at the Open Fist Theatre in Hollywood. More details as the date nears. 


5/5/19 - Just typed the words "The End." Look for my 5th novel to be released later this year. It's the third book in the The Sideman Mysteries series. This one's called, Tinsel Town Tango. Stay tuned. Trip is back at it.

4/1/19 - Honored to be giving the commencement address to the 2019 graduating class of the Los Angeles College of Music. Very humbling. Congratulations, graduates! 

1/15/19 - Terrific bunch of songwriters at LACM this winter.

12/20/18 - Thanks for a great year students of LACM!

12/8/18 - Thank you to the cast and crew of In a Booth at Chasen's for a great run. You folks are the BEST! And thank you, dear audience, for how you've responded to this little show. It's been overwhelming.  


11/11/18 - In A Booth at Chasen's opens tonight at the El Portal Theatre!


10/23/18 - Rehearsals for the new musical, In a Booth at Chasen's are going very well. Extraordinary cast, creative team, and crew. Show goes into previews Nov. 9, 2018, at the historic El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood, CA. 


10/15/18 - Rehearsals begin for my new musical, In a Booth at Chasen's. 

10/9/18 - Fall quarter has begun at LACM. Seeing some terrific songwriters!

10/4/18 - What a joy to spend some time with the talented young songwriters at Interlochen Center for the Arts in Michigan. Thank you for your hospitality. 

7/11/18 - Summer quarter has begun at LACM. 


6/11/18 - Congrats to the LACM songwriters. Well done! 

5/15/18 - BREAKING NEWS! The stage musical In a Booth at Chasen's opens November 8th, 2018 at the El Portal theatre in N. Hollywood, CA. Stay tuned for more info.


4/13/18 - BREAKING NEWS! The audio version of Cold War Copa is now available at www.Audible.com. Read by the magnificent actor and voice artist Steve Staley

4/3/18 - New quarter begins at LACM. Looking forward to meeting some great new songwriters.


2/18/18 - Mekong Delta Blues , the second book in The Sideman Mysteries, is now available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and fine bookstores everywhere. 

1/4/18 - BREAKING NEWS! Mekong Delta Blues is now available on Amazon for preorder. 

1/1/18 - Happy New Year!

12/21/17 - Happy Holidays to all!

12/20/17- Great last quarter at LACM. Well done, my fellow songwriters. 

5/21/17 - Trip Callaway got a Twitter account today. Follow him @TripCallaway. 

5/14/17 - Publisher just informed me Cold War Copa bounced up nearly a hundred thousand spots in the Amazon rankings. Thank you, friends!

5/10/17 - In the studio today with The Sweet Potatoes; Laura Hall, Kelly Macleod, Rick Hall. Stay tuned, this is going to be a good one.

4/19/17 - New classes have begun at LACM. Talented folks! 

3/14/17 - Cold War Copa, book one in the new series, The Sideman Mysteries, is released TODAY!

3/14/17 - Thanks to all the students at LACM for another great quarter. What a talented bunch of folks you guys are. 

2/25/17 - Cold War Copa, Book One in The Sideman Mysteries, is scheduled for release 3/14/17. 

1/9/17 - New quarter begins at LACM.  

1/8/17 - Cold War Copa: The Sideman Mystery. Release date 3/14/17 by Hartwood Publishing. This is the first book in my new Sideman Mystery series. I'm looking forward to all of you reading it.  

10/8/16 - Thrilled to announce the publication of the new musical comedy, "Musical Fools." I co-wrote this with the great Ron West, and the legend himself, Neil Simon. Yes, dreams do come true.

10/3/16 - New classes have begun at LACM. What a great bunch of songwriters. This should be fun. 

8/23/16 - This summer's LACM classes are spectacular. Don't believe me? See them perform this weekend at Comic Con in Palm Springs. 

5/10/16 - The Mozart Conspiracy is now available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple's iBook store, and fine bookstores everywhere. The book is now published by Hartwood Publishing with a splashy new cover and fresh edit. 

3/31/16 - Congratulations to the LACM graduating class. Nice work, guys.

3/3/16 - The Song of Eleusis is now available for purchase at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple's iBook store, and fine bookstores everywhere.

2/24/16 - The Song of Eleusis is now available for preorder at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and fine bookstores everywhere!

2/22/16 - In a couple of weeks, murder, mystery, and mayhem befall a dude in Nashville named Ben Lambros. #songofeleusis

1/17/16 - Getting to know my winter 2016 class at The Los Angeles College of Music. What a fine bunch of humans.

1/1/16 - Hello 2016. Happy New Year everyone!

12/17/15 - Thank you to the 2015 Fall songwriting class at UCLA. You guys have been terrific! 

9/12/15 - Working with the brilliant orchestrator and arranger, Luke Hannington, on the score to Musical Fools, the hilarious new musical comedy written by yrs truly, Phil Swann, Ron West and the legendary Neil Simon. Very proud of this piece, and to be in the company of these people. 

6/28/15 - Book news. I'm thrilled to announce I've signed a new publishing deal with Hartwood Publishing. They will be releasing my next mystery thriller, The Song of Eleusis. Release date is 3/3/16. Can't wait for you all to read it.  

Hartwood Publishing has also taken over publishing of my previous novel, The Mozart Conspiracy. As such, the book is temporarily off Amazon while it gets a fresh, spit n' polish by the new publisher. It'll be back up soon. In the mean time, The Mozart Conspiracy is still available in Italian under the title, Il Codice Amadeus. I hear it's doing pretty well in Italy too. To that, I say, "Fantastico!"

Speaking of Amazon, click here to visit my author page on Amazon

In the music world, "Stale Scotch and Cheap Cigars is still getting loads of airplay on Pandora. Thank you everyone!